Center for Short Term Certification Programme (CSTCP)

In the coming future, professional development market is growing. This demand is due to professionals needing and wanting to upgrade their skill. With such direct demand for learning, in order to stay competitive, IIIT Allahabad has instituted CSTCP which can provide STCPs that are not only flexible but can be accessed at anytime, anywhere.

Learning is no longer limited to the classroom as people can upgrade their skill or retrain online through a laptop or Smartphone. These developments lead to a great change. The fact that while colleges and universities were once confined to teaching the elite, they are now responsible for training and re-training people throughout their career; not just at the start. CSTCP-IIITA may take a lead in this regard.

The Objectives

1.The centre offers customized short duration certification programmes (up to 6 months duration) to all interested persons who satisfy some pre requisite criteria as may be defined by the course developer (if any). Certification on best practices, research, support,and/or training for a focus area, a business concept, a skill or a broad area of study may also be considered by the Centre.

2.Providing a flexible interface to various organization/ companies which may encourage larger number of their employees for enrolling in the new IIITA programmes for the working professionals.

3.Targeting the countries having very low GDP e.g. African countries and developing customized certification programmes for them through a suitable online platform.